Dan Hellerich

Past Work

Michelin Learning Institute

Screenshots of MLI

Michelin needed to increase sales rep recommendations of its tires. The Integer Group pitched new ideas for Michelin's training site to help change the conversation sales reps have with shoppers.

I have been a key strategic and technical leader from the pitch, to the launch of the Michelin Learning Institute, and through its constant evolution. Thousands of sales reps from the U.S. and Canada sign in each month to take online training and participate in Michelin's sales rep promotions.

NakedJuice.com Mobile Optimization

Screenshots of NakedJuice.com on iPhones

Naked needed to optimize their web site for an important group of over 40% of their visitors: shoppers on their mobile phones, particularly in the grocery store aisle.

I assessed their existing site and defined a technical plan for quickly and inexpensively optimizing it for mobile devices using responsive techniques. I collaborated with the designers and directed the development work done by my team. Now, mobile visitors have a better user experience and a more positive brand impression.

Pella Presenter

Screenshot of the Pella Presenter App

Pella wanted to create an in-home sales experience as innovative as its products, and replace large binders with sleek iPads.

I worked closely with designers to plan the user experience. I defined functionality and negotiated trade-offs to meet budget requirements. Developers on my team implemented the app in Objective-C. The iPad app has hundreds of screens and is used by over 200 sales reps nationwide.

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